Nintendo Super Mario Cake Recipe (Question Block Cake from Super Mario Run)

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    Super Mario Run is finally here and I'm celebrating by making a Nintendo Super Mario Run Question Block Cake.

    This cake has the mystery box look on the outside, and on the inside, a mushroom is hiding!

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    Super Mario Run Question Block Cake Recipe

    Ingredients and Materials:
    • 4 x 3/4" square blue colored vanilla cake (
    • 2 x 1.5" square blue colored vanilla cake
    • Blue and yellow vanilla buttercream (
    • Yellow and white fondant
    • Cake pop mixture- red, white, black, tan (

    Question Block Cake Procedure:

    Attach 1, 1.5" cake to a cake board with buttercream.

    Cover the layer in a thin layer of blue buttercream, and place the first 3/4" cake on top.


    Divide layer into 3 sections and remove the center section.


    Fill the removed section in with tan cake pop mixture.

    Carve out 2, 1/4" channels in the tan cake pop mixture and shape the gaps to be rectangle.

    Fill in the rectangle voids with black cake pop mixture.


    Repeat creation of tan rectangle cake pop mixture and removal of 2 rectangle voids beside the cake.

    Turn the tan rectangle piece upside down, and place on top of the other tan piece (which is on the cake), lining up the eyes (black strips).

    Fill either side of the tan pieces with blue cake.


    Form another rectangle piece to fit on top of the tan piece, with red cake pop mixture.

    From the middle of the red rectangle, remove a half circle strip of cake pop mixture.

    Fill that in with white cake pop mixture.


    Form a rounded rectangle out of red cake pop again and remove a half circle strip from the bottom of the arch (flat section).

    Turn arch over so removed section is facing down.

    Using a small circle cutter, remove 2 strips of red cake pop from the top of the arch.

    Fill all 3 removed areas with white cake pop filling and line the entire piece up with the other half circle of white cake pop.

    Fill either side of the red pieces with blue cake.


    Place remaining 1.5" cake layer on top, securing with buttercream.

    Ensure sides are straight and freeze to set before icing the cube.


    Cover the cake in yellow buttercream, keeping the sides straight and flat.

    Smooth icing with a hot spatula.


    Roll out yellow and white fondant.

    From the white fondant, cut out 4 question marks.

    From the yellow fondant, cut out 16 3/4" circles.

    Attach the circles and question marks with water (if needed) to the buttercream.

    Slice and serve cake when desired.

    Cake should be kept in a sealed container in the fridge and consumed within 2-3 days.

    Half Bit by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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