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    Today I show you how to make a Trolls Movie Cake! Making this Poppy cake has been requested so many times, and I'm super excited to show you how to make the edible hair!! Sign up for our NEWSLETTER here:
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    How to Make Trolls Cake
    Ingredients and Materials:
    • Prepared three x 8" Vanilla cake colored pink (
    • Prepared two x dome shaped vanilla cake colored pink (
    • Vanilla buttercream coloured pink, sky blue, light blue and medium blue(
    • Fondant- pink, green, blue, light blue, light pink, black, white
    • Pink luster dust
    • White Americolor Coloring
    • Fondant/Gum Paste Decorating Tool Kit
    • Pink isomalt (


    On a large piece of parchment paper, place 2 bread loaf pans upside down, each with small pieces of parchment on top of them.

    Melt isomalt as per recipe instructions.

    Using a fork or a cut wire whisk, dip whisk into hot isomalt, and fling it across the top of the bread pans.

    Long string like pieces will form.

    Repeat this step until you have enough isomalt hair to cover poppy's head.

    Set aside in a safe spot to allow for it to be cooled completely.


    Fill the 8" round cakes with icing, and stack the 3 cake layers together.

    Place into the fridge to freeze.

    Once frozen, apply the 3 shades of blue buttercream to the outside of the cake, starting with the lightest color on the bottom.

    Smooth with a cake spatula.

    Layer the dome cakes together, using pink buttercream in the middle.

    Cover the entire sphere in buttercream and smooth with a cake spatula.


    Insert dowels into the round cake, directly underneath where the dome cake will go.

    Place the dome cake on top of the dowels.

    Secure with an additional dowel through the top, and down to the cake board.


    Cut or break pieces of isomalt hair into 6-8" long pieces and place on the head, covering the back, top and sides.


    Roll out pink fondant and cut strips for bangs.

    Etch with fondant tools to add texture.

    Attach to the front of the head.


    Roll out green, blue and lime green fondant.

    Cut a long ribbon/band for the headband.

    Cut 3 flowers out and leaves.

    Place the headband around the forehead and attach at the back.

    Cut and mold the remaining features for the nose, ears, eyes and mouth.

    Attach to cake with water and/or toothpicks for support.


    Dab the cheeks with luster dust, and spot with white coloring for freckles.


    Cake should be consumed within 2-3 days and kept in the fridge in a sealed container or wrapped in plastic wrapped.

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