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    My Trolls Cake Tutorial:
    Today Jenn Johns shows you how to make a Draggle Hatchimals Cake! Hatchimals are the most popular toy for Christmas 2016.

    I hope you've got one already because if you don't, you're likely out of luck as they're sold out everywhere! In case you missed out on one, my Hatchimals cake is an edible version of the toy and is easy to recreate following my tutorial! Although tutorial is for a Draggle, it can be easily changed for Owlicorns, Burtles, Bearakeets or Penualas.
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    How to Make a Hatchimals Cake:

    Hatchimals Cake Ingredients and Materials:
    • Prepared Vanilla cake batter (
    • Vanilla buttercream coloured purple and white (
    • Black fondant (
    • Turquoise Blue Fondant (
    • White Fondant (
    • Purple Fondant (
    • Egg Cake Pan (
    • Regal Purple Americolor Gel Paste (
    • White Americolor Coloring (
    • Oval Cutters (
    • Fondant/Gum Paste Decorating Tool Kit (
    • Fondant Smoother (
    • Hatchimals Toy Draggle (
    • Purple Candy Melts (
    • Navy blue candy melts (
    • Rice Krispie treats (


    Bake vanilla cake batter colored purple in the egg cake pan.

    Allow to cool completely before levelling and icing.

    Cover middle of egg with buttercream and press halves together.

    Place into the freezer to solidify completely (or until icing is solid).


    Once frozen, cut top off of the egg in a jagged design (or follow lines from cake pan).

    Carve a recessed area on the top of the larger portion of egg, leaving a 1/4" thickness of cake along the jagged edges and going to a depth of about 1/2".


    Cover that area with purple buttercream, and the rest of the cake (both portions) in white buttercream.


    Splatter paint the egg with thinned candy melts and a paint brush.

    I used coconut oil to thin the chocolate.


    Roll 141 grams of rice krispie treats into a ball and cover in purple fondant, leaving a "skirt" around the bottom for the neck.

    Using a small pair of scissors, make tiny snips in the fondant to give the appearance of fur/feathers.


    Roll out white, blue and black fondant thinly and using the oval cutters, cut out the sections of the eye.

    White with the largest, then blue then black.

    Finish with a tiny piece of white for the highlight in the eye.

    Attach to the head of the hatchimal with water.


    To make the beak, roll out a small piece of blue fondant and carefully shape into a beak using the fondant tools and your fingers.

    Attach to the head of the hatchimal with a toothpick and water.


    To make the draggles spiny back, roll out a piece of blue fondant into a thin cylinder.

    Gently pinch away at the fondant to form spikes.

    Attach to the cake with water and toothpicks as needed.


    Place Hatchimal head inside the recessed area of the cake.

    Place cake pieces onto a prepared cake board.


    Cake is best consumed within 2-3 days and should be kept in the fridge until ready to be cut and eaten.

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