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    Today Jenn Johns shows you how to make a real bubbling cauldron cake.

    This witch's brew cake appears to have special brew bubbling away above a fire.

    The delicious eight layer Halloween cake is coloured black, orange, green and purple on the inside..a crazy surprise when it's sliced open.


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    How to Make a Bubbling Cauldron Halloween Cake

    Ingredients and Materials:
    • 6 Prepared 10"x 3/4" round vanilla cakes colored lime green, orange, purple, black (
    • 2 Prepared 9"x 3/4" round vanilla cakes colored lime green, orange, purple, black (
    • Prepared black chocolate buttercream (
    • Pretzel rods
    • Gum balls-large and small, yellow and green
    • Lime green sixlets
    • Green and yellow candy skulls and bones
    • Red and orange peach flavoured gummies or orange gum drops
    • Plastic bowl (5" diameter, 3" depth)
    • Mist Maker
    • Ateco 809 piping tip


    Stack the 10" cakes first, on a 12" cake board, using the black buttercream to fill the layers.

    Finish stacking with the two 9" cakes.


    Taper the bottom (which is the top 9" cakes) so that the 9" and 10" cakes meet smoothly.

    Don't make your base (which is the top) smaller than 8" round.

    Cover the whole cake in black buttercream.


    To flip the cake over, place an 8" cake board on top of the cake.

    Place one hand on top, one underneath the cake and flip it over.

    Remove the base 12" cake board (now on the top) by sliding a sharp knife or spatula between it and the cake.

    Cut out a hole in the middle of the cake large enough to fit the plastic bowl.

    Place 4 dowels underneath where the bowl will fit, and place a small 4" cake board on top of the dowels.

    Cover the inside of the hole and the top of the cake in black buttercream.

    Use a hot spatula to smooth the cauldron.

    Place the bowl into the whole.


    Using a large round tip (Ateco 809) pipe a round rim to the cauldron.

    On either side of the cake, use the same tip to pipe handles onto the pot.

    Cover the top of the cake in the multi coloured gum balls and candies.

    On the top of a 12" round black cake board, lay out the pretzel rods and orange candies in a ring.

    Secure in place with black buttercream.

    Place extra pretzel rods into the middle for extra support of the cake.

    Transfer the cake to the top of the "fire" and make sure that it is stable.


    Set the mist maker up, fill the bowl with water, and place the fogger into the water.

    When ready to display, turn the fogger on, but not before! Water on the gum balls can cause the gum balls to lose their color.


    Keep cake in fridge until you are ready to serve.

    It is best consumed within 2-3 days.

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