How to Make a 3D Frog Cake from Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio

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    Today I’m showing you how to make a 3D Frog Cake, modeled after the character Newt from Best Fiends.

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    How to Make a 3D Frog Cake

    3 Prepared 8” Vanilla Cake layers colored with
    -Layer 1 (5 drops green, 9 drops yellow),
    -Layer 3 (2 drops green, 18 drops yellow),
    -Layer 4 (2 drops green, 18 drops yellow, 10 drops white)
    1 Prepared 9” Vanilla Cake layer (Layer 2) colored with 12 drops green, 9 drops yellow
    Prepared vanilla buttercream
    Lime green, white, black, blue, yellow fondant


    Roll out white fondant for the eyes and mix with tylose to help harden them faster.

    Add blue and black for the iris and pupil.

    Shape the legs (216g) and the arms (91g) with lime green fondant (mixed with tylose).


    Prepare cakes according to the recipe, and color the batter according to the drop amounts listed above.


    Once cakes have cooled completely, place the darkest one on a cake board, attaching with a swipe of buttercream.

    Cover that layer with a thin layer of vanilla buttercream.

    Place the 9” cake on next, cover with buttercream, then the next darkest 8” cake.

    Finish the stack of cakes, with the lightest green one.

    To begin carving the cake, start at the top, and gradually shape the cake to be at it’s widest at the 9” cake level, tapered under the 9” level, and then rising up to be smallest at the top.

    Reserve some of the cake scraps to make cake pop mixture for the vocal sac.

    Attach the vocal sac to the front of the cake.

    Cover the cake entirely in vanilla buttercream.


    Place a ring of fondant around the top of the cake, above the vocal sac.


    Roll out fondant, ⅛” in thickness and drape over the cake.


    Smooth the fondant into place with your hands and a fondant smoother.


    Attach the arms, legs and eyes using skewers or spaghetti noodle.


    Serve the cake when desired and consume within 2-3 days.

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