How to Make a Giraffe Cake (April the Giraffe Cake from Animal Adventure Park)

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    In this cake decorating tutorial video, Jenn Johns shows you how to make an April the Giraffe Cake! If you haven't heard, April is a pregnant giraffe who's keepers have been livestreaming her pregnancy for the last number of weeks.

    To celebrate the birth of her baby, Jenn decided to create a cake in April's honor! April agreed to have the baby today, April 1, if Jenn would make her a cake.

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    Giraffe Cake Recipe

    Giraffe Cake Ingredients:
    -9"x13" chocolate cake
    -Vanilla cake batter
    -Vanilla buttercream (tan, light brown, white)
    -Chocolate buttercream (
    -Fondant (black, brown, tan)

    Giraffe Cake Procedure:

    In the bottom of a greased 6" cake pan, place 1 cup of vanilla cake batter.

    Cut the chocolate cake into chunks and place into the vanilla cake batter.

    Cover the chocolate cake pieces with vanilla cake batter.

    Bake the cake in a preheated oven at 350F for 35-40 minutes.

    Repeat for 5-6 layers of cake.


    Once cake layers are are cooled completely, level and then stack the cakes, filling the layers with white buttercream.

    Cover the cake in shades of brown buttercream, starting with the chocolate at the bottom, tan in the middle, and the lightest at the top.


    Mix brown fondant with tylose and shape the ossicones ("horns" on top of the head) and insert a dowel into the flat end.

    On the top end, use a straight blade or fondant tool to score marks.

    Using black food coloring powder tint the scored end of the ossicones.

    Insert the ossicones into the top of the cake.

    Cut the ears out of brown fondant and line the inside of the dark brown, with tan brown.

    Shape the ears (curve them) and allow them to dry.

    Place them besides the ossicones.

    Cut out shapes from brown fondant and attach to the back of the cake, and add the pattern from behind the ossicones, down, and around the side of the cake.


    Roll black fondant out into 3" long round pieces.

    Slice the end about a half inch in and curve it slightly upwards.

    Place onto the cake with a brush of water.


    Pipe a tail around the giraffe, using the tan buttercream, and place pieces of brown fondant onto the buttercream.


    Slice and serve cake when desired.

    Cake is best consumed within 2-3 days and kept in a sealed container in the fridge.

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