How to Make a Sephora Makeup Cake Tutorial

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    In this cake decorating tutorial video, Jenn Johns shows you how to make a Sephora Makeup Cake, complete with edible eyeshadows, edible lipsticks, edible nail polish, and edible brushes- all your favourite cosmetics!
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    Sephora Makeup Cake Recipe

    Makeup Cake Ingredients:
    -2 x 9"x13" red vanilla cake cut into 6, 3.5"x8" pieces
    -Vanilla buttercream
    -Fondant (black, white and various colors)

    Makeup Cake Procedure:

    Prepare and cut cake pieces and vanilla buttercream.


    Stack layers of cake with buttercream filling between each one.

    Using a sharp knife, slightly angle the top layer so that there is a gradual slope towards the top of the "bag".

    Continue carving the sides of the cake in a way that "v's" towards the center of the side.

    Leave a slight protruding triangle at the bottom of the side, where the bag would fold if it was paper.

    3.Roll out a piece of black fondant, thickened with tylose, 8.5"x8".

    Cut out 1" strips of white fondant, and stripe the black fondant, leaving 1" gabs between the white stripes.

    Allow to harden slightly.

    Carefully transfer the piece of fondant to a flat square cake board.

    Stand the cake board up against the cake, and press the piece of fondant onto the cake.

    Repeat for the second side.

    Join the seams at the sides with a small brush of water.


    Shape the handles with black fondant and cut out text for front of the bag.

    Attach the letters with water and press the handles into the buttercream at the top of the bag once they have hardened.


    Create the tissue paper that spills over the top of the bag by rolling out fondant thinly and cutting into squares.

    Pinch the square in the middle to "billow" the tissue.

    Place onto the top of the cake.

    Create the eye shadows with black fondant bases and bright colorful fondant rounds cut out and placed inside the black.

    To create the brushes, roll out tubes of black fondant, and similar sized amounts of brown fondant.

    Score and texturize the brown fondant to look like bristles.

    To create the lipstick, roll out a black tube of fondant and a corresponding bright color with an angled tip.

    The nail polish can be created with a black tube top, with a larger angled base.

    Lip liner can be created by joining two thin tubes of fondant.

    7.Place cake on a large cake board and place fondant edible makeup in front of the cake, on the cake board.

    8.Cake is best consumed within 2-3 days and should be kept in the fridge in a sealed container.

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